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Future Forestry Inc. The Pacific Northwest's source for Low Impact Forestry Tools and Equipment. Introduces the New Processor
The Pacific Northwest's Source For Low Impact Forestry Tools and Equipment

P.O. Box 1083 Willamina, OR 97396-1073

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Logrite tools of Vernon CT is a progressive, quality-oriented company that builds the worlds best hand tools, Log Arches and now a most incredible firewood processor.

Havel Designs

Havel Designs is owned and operated by Mark Havel.

Mr. Havel has designed and engineered many poducts in the automotive, sporting goods, industrial products and forestry equipment fields. Havel Designs began in 1986 and then started Future ForestyInc. in 1996.

Forest Dan, and Full Spectrum Forestry. Plus find out about your local community firewood network

Meet Forest Dan and find out more about Full Spectrum Forestry, -conservation and forest stewardship.

Also discover a great new concept to help build community, make connections in your local area while saving money, time and keeping warm in the winter.

The Processor

'The Processor' is the most significant development in firewood production since the Axe! The toughest, most undesireable portion of the firewood chore is the cutting and splitting; now imagine that there is no more bending over, no lifting, no waiting for a hydraulic splitter, no other machinery needed and no limits to log size or shape. This machine literally stands the firewood processor paradigm on its ear!

This Processor, affectionately called the Firewoodinator
(see You Tube clip of that name) is the first of its kind; developed by Havel Designs and Logrite Tools, which is really an ergonomic firewood production station, assisted by an incredibly efficient kinetic splitter, with further features of log loading, chunk picking and log yarding capabilities. All other processors (besided the Chomper and Hudson Badger) require another, ususally considerable machine to load logs onto their decks. All other processors period, have log diameter limits. The Firewoodinator has No Limits of log size, needs no other equipment to load and operates on about a gallon of gas per day! Electric models available too, with just 110 house current needed.

The natural extension of the Firewoodinator processor, since it is so efficient and has no limits, is the Local Community Firewood Network, conceived of and promoted by Forest Dan.